Safety Online Is Just a Download Away

Love to browse the Internet? You’re definitely not alone. Not even when you might wish to be.
Unscrupulous or compromised sites abound that jeopardize your unshielded system. These Internet booby traps quietly ambush your computer with unwanted guests in the form of invasive software. All this happens while you’re busily exploring that site that’s grabbed your attention.

How Can You Stay Safe?

Even if you knew what to watch for online, the next time you got absorbed in a topic, your guard would inadvertently go down. Remember, it’s the business of spyware creators to build or find sites that keep you online, interested and clicking right where they want you.

At Privacy Now, we’re dedicated to making your Internet time …

What is Stop Spy Software?

help desk softwareSpy software which is commonly known as spyware is a software that is used to gather information about individuals without their knowledge. There are various types of spyware such as system monitors, trojans and adware which hackers and people with malicious intent can use to get information such as your user log-ins and other information such as credit card information. Even though your device can sometimes be infected without your knowledge, it is important to stop spy software from infecting your computer. This will help you avoid problems such as unwanted CPU activity, failure to boot, unwanted pop up windows and stop your computer from slowing down in performance. Having help desk software in your computer can help know what …